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A deadly fire engulfed residential buildings in Chawkbazar district in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka, killing at least 70 people, as firefighters struggled to put out fast-moving flames in cramped, narrow lanes.

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The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission accused the country's troops of using “systematic torture” against the protesters, who took to streets in the capital, Harare, last week after a sharp hike in fuel prices.

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Addressing a rally in the capital Caracas, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó said he would ensure new collection points and routes are set up to let in humanitarian aid blocked by President Nicolás Maduro.

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Two suspected masterminds of the Pulwama suicide bombing, which killed 40 Indian paramilitary soldiers in the country’s northern state of Jammu & Kashmir last week, were gunned down by the troops on Monday.

Dutch PM Mark Rutte dismissed the allegations that the EU is trying to trap Britain in a “permanent limbo.”

Dutch PM Mark Rutte called the U.K. a “waning country,” warning that its exit from the European Union would leave it “too small” to flourish on the world stage and that “there is no such thing as splendid isolation.”

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The offensive, targeting the elite Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, killed 11 pro-government fighters while the Syrian media claimed that several “hostile targets” were shot down by the country’s air defenses.

U.S. President Donald Trump should be bracing for a long, hard legal tussle over the lawsuit.

Sixteen U.S. states are suing the Trump administration for “unilaterally robbing taxpayer funds” after President Donald Trump declared national emergency to secure funding for a wall along the Mexico border.