British Prime Minister Theresa May survived a vote of confidence in her leadership of the ruling Conservative Party on Wednesday.

Analysts warn that Britain’s wish to revise Brexit deal could backfire and open Pandora’s Box, as disgruntled EU states, unhappy with the current shape of the agreement, begin demanding their own ways. 

The MV Nyerere ferry was overloaded with nearly 400 passengers aboard.

At least 100 people have died, and hundreds of others are missing after an overloaded passenger ferry capsized in the south of Lake Victoria, Tanzania on Thursday.

Brazil's far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro is nicknamed

Far-right Congressman Jair Bolsonaro snagged a thumping win in the first round of Brazil’s presidential election but fell just short of amassing 50 percent votes, required to avoid second-round run-off later this month.

  • Brazil’s presidential election took a bloody turn on Friday after far-right presidential hopeful, Jair Bolsonaro, sustained “grave” wounds in a knife attack during a campaign rally in the south-east state of Minas Gerais.

  • Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro said the country should set its fuel prices at par with the international levels to combat rampant smuggling, which inflicts a loss of about $18 billion on the national exchequer annually.

  • Following a marathon debate spanning over 15 hours, Argentina’s Senate voted 38 to 31 against a bill that seeks to legalize elective abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy in the country dominated by Roman Catholics.

China called Meng Wanzhou's arrest a

Chinese media accused the U.S. of resorting to hooliganism over the arrest of Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou, accusing Washington of attempting to hamstring the expansion of its leading competitive technology company.

  • Beijing called on Canada to immediately release Meng Wanzhou, Chinese telecoms giant Huawei's CFO, who was detained in Vancouver and faces extradition to the U.S. over a possible breach of sanctions against Iran.

  • Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany called on Berlin & other Western states to up the ante against Russia by imposing new sanctions in response to Moscow’s seizure of Ukrainian ships near Crimea on Sunday.

  • Pakistan’s supreme court has drawn praise from liberal for its brave refusal to be cowed down by extremist Islamist groups as it overturned the death penalty of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman convicted of blasphemy.

British Prime Minister Theresa May said,

British PM Theresa May warned the lawmakers in her Conservative party that a new leader would be forced to delay or stop Brexit, creating even more uncertainty and divisions in the country.

  • British PM Theresa May, after canceling a vote on Brexit deal on Tuesday, rushed to European leaders in a last-ditch attempt to extract changes to the agreement that can make her Brexit plan more palatable to lawmakers.

  • Hours before British PM Theresa May’s Brexit plan faces an acid test in the House of Commons, the European court of justice ruled that the U.K. can unilaterally revoke Article 50, without approval from the bloc members.

  • The French government, after failing to bridle public anger that resulted in violent protests across major cities for the last three weeks, is caving in and could announce the suspension of plans to introduce an eco-fuel tax.

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said,

The U.S. tightened the noose around Iran on Monday by re-imposing the sanctions that were lifted under a 2015 nuclear deal, a move that prompted a defiant response from the country’s President Hassan Rouhani.

Former national security adviser Michael Flynn has admitted to making materially false statements to the FBI.

Special counsel Robert Mueller in a memo filed on Tuesday praised former U.S. national security adviser Michael Flynn's “substantial assistance” to the probe into alleged Russian collusion in the 2016 U.S. election.