• In this Saturday, Feb. 2, 2013 photo, a Pakistani rickshaw driver makes his way through slums of Karachi, Pakistan.

    A Pakistani youth leader is employing a fleet of rickshaws emblazoned with peace slogans to counter messages of violence.

    LAST UPDATE : Feb 08, 2013, 10:22 AM EST
  • U.S. military platoons operating out of Lindsey-Foward Operating Base stand in formation on September 11, 2012.

    At least 1,706 military service members have died in Afghanistan as a result of hostile action, according to the military's numbers.

    LAST UPDATE : Jan 29, 2013, 4:33 PM EST
  • US soldiers (L) guard on one of the two Monrovia's downtown bridge, 14 August 2003.

    Pentagon has struggled to deal with the suicides, which Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and others have called an epidemic.

    LAST UPDATE : Jan 14, 2013, 3:56 PM EST
  • In this April, 20, 2007 file photo, Pakistani militant commander Maulvi Nazir meets associates in South Waziristan, Pakistan.

    The death of Maulvi Nazir could prove to be a contentious issue between Washington and Islamabad, which is believed to have struck a non-aggression pact with Nazir.

    LAST UPDATE : Jan 03, 2013, 5:50 PM EST