• Digital tools aim to help communities address the spread of viruses.Medicine,big data,crowdsourcing,dengue,Zika,Juliana Kenny
    Published Date : Mar 15, 2016, 3:28 PM EDT
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    ​by Juliana Kenny New York is expanding its testing provisions for pregnant women.Medicine,Brazil,New York,pregnant women,U.S.,Zika,Zika virus,Juliana Kenny

    Published Date : Mar 09, 2016, 6:30 PM EST
  • The Zika virus is claiming victims all over the world with the World Health Organization claiming that as of February, the disease has been identified in 48 countries and territories.Medicine,Americas,Centers for Disease Control,epidemic,World Health Organization,Zika virus,Erin Wright
    Published Date : Mar 04, 2016, 2:40 PM EST
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    by Erin Wright The Zika virus, little known or noted before 2007, has the potential to affect up to 4 million by year's end.

    LAST UPDATE : Mar 05, 2016, 10:57 AM EST