“Planetary health diet” for a hungry, warming world

Jan 17, 2019, 7:10 AM EST
(Source: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade/flickr)
(Source: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade/flickr)

A global team of scientists has formulated what they describe as “the planetary health diet,” claiming that it is a potent solution for a warming world to feed its burgeoning population sustainably, without further ruining the environment and fueling climate change.

The science-based diet suggests a radical reduction of 50 percent in global consumption of red meat and sugar, which it says, must be replaced by vegetables, fruits, pulses and nuts, notes The Guardian.

The transition would not only save the 11 million lives that are lost every year due to consumption of unhealthy food but would also steer the world away from a raft of unsustainable practices contributing to climate change, the pollution of rivers and oceans and the destruction of wildlife.

The study categorically spells out the dietary changes required in different parts of the world. Europe and North America should drastically curtail intake of red meat, East Asia should cut back on fish and Africa must reduce consumption of starchy vegetables, reports the BBC.