Australia’s “band-aid” remedy for fish dying of heatwave

Jan 16, 2019, 7:18 AM EST
(Source: Rafael Saldaña/flickr)
(Source: Rafael Saldaña/flickr)

After a torrid spell of heatwaves, hundreds of thousands of dead fish bobbed up in the Darling River in the Australian state of New South Wales last week. Alongside the massive efforts to clean up the rotting masses from waters, the local authorities plan to pump oxygen in the rivers while confessing that it’s a “band-aid” remedy.

Extreme heat waves, drought and algal blooms have depleted much of Australia’s waterways of oxygen, resulting in mass fish death, a situation that’s likely to carry on as heatwave conditions will last until the weekend, notes The Japan Times.

Apparently, the scorching heat is the culprit for this mass fish killing but the authorities cannot wash their hands off the responsibility either. It has come to light that New South Wales trimmed down funding for its river management program in the region by 60 percent in 2013, reports Fox News.