• After an emotional saga that has dragged on for nearly three years, the Sacramento Kings finally appear to be staying put in California's capital city.

    Adriana Ortiz, center, holds up a sign expressing her hopes that the team won't move after the Kings 112-108 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers in an NBA basketball game in Sacramento, Calif., Wednesday, April 17, 2013. With the pending sale of the team and possible move to Seattle, Wednesday's game might be the last in Sacramento.
    LAST UPDATE : Apr 30, 2013, 1:01 PM EDT
  • This Dec. 18, 2011 file photo shows New York Jets' Darrelle Revis warming up before an NFL football game against the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday in Philadelphia. The Jets have traded Revis to the Buccaneers for this year's No. 13 overall draft pick and another selection next year.

    Weeks of speculation about the star cornerback's future ended Sunday when the New York Jets traded the three-time All-Pro in exchange for the 13th overall pick.

    LAST UPDATE : Apr 22, 2013, 10:44 AM EDT