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The year 2019 could be the phase when AI makes a visible impact on banking and Wall Street.

Niger Delta.

The so-called Niger Delta Avengers have warned oil firms to leave the region within two weeks.

Jerome Powell is a multi-millionaire Republican and current Federal Reserve Governor.

Powell’s appointment may provide the investors more certainty on the U.S. central bank's likely policy path.

China issued a preemptive warning of retaliatory measures.

The U.S. also mulls knocking the doors of the WTO against Beijing's trade malpractices.

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The U.K. has launched a new scheme that requires firms with over 250 employees to report their gender pay gap.

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The OPEC nations expected to agree on continuing the current production curbs for next nine months.  

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The findings of the report underscore the worth of public lands over the oils and minerals extracted from them.