Hong Kong: Freed Joshua Wong vows to fight “evil law”

Jun 17, 2019, 2:21 AM EDT
Hong Kong's activist Joshua Wong was freed on Monday.
(Source: Etan Liam/flickr)

Joshua Wong, the activist who became the face of the 2014 pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, has called on the city’s Beijing-backed leader Carrie Lam to step down as he vowed to join the fight against her “evil” extradition bill.

Embattled Lam was forced to postpone the controversial bill, which allows extradition to mainland China, on Saturday, but that didn’t stop nearly two million people from flocking to the streets on Sunday protesting against the legislation that threatens city’s judicial independence, writes the BBC.

Wong’s release on Monday came as mass protests against Lam’s contentious extradition bill entered second week, notes Reuters. Despite growing calls for Lam’s resignation, Beijing is likely to continue its patronage for the leader. The official China Daily attributed the unrest in Hong Kong to foreign meddling, adding that Beijing’s support for Lam will “not waver.”