Trump tells Prince Charles, U.S. has “cleanest climate”

Jun 05, 2019, 5:47 AM EDT
(Source: The White House/flickr)
(Source: The White House/flickr)

Prince Charles’ attempt to persuade U.S. President Donald Trump to do more on combating climate change drew a quintessential remark from the American leader, who readily shifted the blame for climate crisis exclusively on other nations while praising the “cleanest climates” in his own country.

During a 90-minute session with Trump, Prince Charles kept the talks centered on the issue of making the climate safer for future generations, notes The Guardian. On being prodded to contribute more in the fight against climate change, Trump held China, Russia and India responsible for what he believes to be “extreme weather.”

Trump, who has earlier rejected the idea of climate change as a “hoax” peddled by China, showed no signs of a dramatic change in his views in his latest interview with on ITV’s Good Morning Britain. Trump said that the term global warming began to appear as a misnomer and so the narrative adopted “climate change,” which is now “extreme weather,” reports The Independent.