Sudan military calls for snap elections after bloody assault

Jun 04, 2019, 2:13 AM EDT
(Source: Muhammad Raza/flickr)
(Source: Muhammad Raza/flickr)

Sudan’s Transitional Military Council (TMC) has announced that it is scrapping all agreements with the principal opposition coalition and will hold snap elections within nine months amid widespread international condemnation of its brutal crackdown on protesters, which left at least 30 people dead in the capital, Khartoum, on Monday.

The opposition coalition and the TMC had earlier reached an agreement on a three-year transition of power and the structure of the new administration, but the impasse over who will control a sovereign body during the transition phase eventually catapulted into a bloody clampdown, notes The Guardian.

Coming days could see more violence as protesters vowed to ramp up their campaign and stage “total civil disobedience” until the military rulers hand over the entire administration to a civilian government, reports Al Jazeera.