“AI: More Than Human” explores our ties with AI

May 29, 2019, 8:45 AM EDT
(Source: https://www.barbican.org.uk)
(Source: https://www.barbican.org.uk)

The Barbican is hosting an exhibition, entitled “AI: More Than Human,” from May 16, 2019 through August 26, 2019, which explores the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence (AI) with immersive and interactive displays sprawling throughout the cultural center.

The exhibition greets the visitors to different segments that probe and display the history of AI innovations, showcase research projects from innovation hubs like MIT, and give them a space with “snippets from influential cultural products like Bladerunner and Frankenstein,” manifesting an intersection of nature and technology, writes Dezeen.

The exhibition marks a confluence of artists, scientists, and researchers, bringing all creative and scientific developments in AI at once place and allowing the visitors to engage and challenge their preconceptions about this technology, as stated by Barbican.