Nuclear deal: Iran officially drops some commitments

May 15, 2019, 3:14 AM EDT
(Source: freeimage4life/flickr)
(Source: freeimage4life/flickr)

A year after the United States abruptly withdrew from the historic 2015 nuclear deal, Iran has officially halted some of its commitments under the accord on the recommendation of its national security council.

Tehran, which was restricted to produce and store certain quantity of low-enriched uranium and heavy water under the nuclear deal, will no longer stick to these caps, reports Reuters. Tehran’s move is aimed at forcing the remaining signatories of the deal to renegotiate the terms following the severe economic fallout of American sanctions.

While Iran’s current move doesn’t apparently constitute a violation of the nuclear deal, the country has warned it wouldn’t shy away from enriching uranium at higher level if the world powers refuse to safeguard its economy from American sanctions within 60 days, writes Al Jazeera. The European Union says it is committed to the deal but won’t act on ultimatums from Tehran.