Duterte loyalists set for sweeping senate victories

May 14, 2019, 5:33 AM EDT
The mid-term Senate elections were seen as a referendum on maverick leader Rodrigo Duterte.
(Source: olskj45/flickr)

Unofficial results showed on Tuesday that the allies of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte are headed for a sweeping victory in mid-term Senate election with a comfortable lead on as many as 9 out of 12 seats available.

Such an emphatic win in the upper house for Duterte, who has been in the cross hairs of rights groups for his brutal campaign against drug dealers, could give him a free hand to implement his reform agenda without worrying about censures and probes against his government, notes Reuters.

The results reflect a popular support for Duterte’s controversial crackdown on drug traders but the victims of his deadly campaigns fear for their security now, as the loyalists who spearheaded his brutal offensive are on course to be the Senators, writes The Guardian.

Duterte, who has directly or indirectly overseen the killing of 5,000 people in his drug crackdown, faces criticism for his brand of governance that shows little respect for judicial systems and democratic institutions.