Judge orders mental tests for Christchurch attacks accused

Apr 05, 2019, 2:26 AM EDT
(Source: World news/flickr)
(Source: World news/flickr)

A high court judge in New Zealand on Friday ordered that the Australian, accused of killing 50 people in mass shootings at two mosques in Christchurch last month, be put through mental health tests to determine if “he is fit to stand trial or insane.”

Brenton Tarrant, 28, appeared in the courtroom via video link and remained silent during the entire proceedings, with the families of the victims and a few survivors of the assault in attendance, writes the BBC.

Tarrant, a self-confessed white supremacist, showed a contrasting demeanor in his second court outing, maintaining an inexpressive silence as opposed to flashing white nationalist gesture as he did during the first hearing, reports Al Jazeera.

Tarrant faces a total of 50 murder charges and 39 attempted murder charges, and could be handed life imprisonment without parole if found guilty, something that has no precedence in New Zealand.