New transparent wood stores and releases heat

Apr 04, 2019, 8:07 AM EDT
(Source: Classroom Camera (Cascade Canyon School)/flickr)
(Source: Classroom Camera (Cascade Canyon School)/flickr)

Wood, in many applications, pales in comparison to glass or plastics for its opacity. Now the scientists have invented a new “transparent wood,” which appeals not only with its modern aesthetics but can also store and release heat.

This frosted-looking material is eco-friendly and could replace plastics, glass and even cement in construction applications, and for building more energy-efficient houses that stockpile energy from the sun and release it later in the day, notes The Guardian.

This is not the first material that stores and releases heat, but what makes it unique is its synthesis from a natural material – a process that doesn’t involve oil-based materials and related carbon footprint. In the next stages, the researchers plan to make this wood completely biodegradable by tweaking its ingredients, reports New Atlas.