Can AI ace tests designed to gauge animal cognition?

Apr 02, 2019, 8:03 AM EDT

A competition called the Animal-AI Olympics kicks off in June. The contest is a first-of-its-kind as it pits artificial intelligence (AI) against challenges that have been traditionally used to test animal cognition.

AI systems display superhuman capabilities when it’s about mastering one task, for example, learning a video game or beating humans at chess, but the same systems are terrible when employed for a totally different task, notes MIT Technology Review.

The contest seeks to deal with this problem by encouraging researchers to train algorithms for a suite of tasks, thus, building a system that shows a certain degree of resemblance to generalized intelligence, the holy grail of technologists.

The Animal-AI Olympics, a part of a bigger project at the Leverhulme Centre called Kinds of Intelligence, is offering $10,000 in prize money, reports New Scientist. The competition will test the ability of AI to adapt to different environments and translate its skills from one activity to another.