Why climate activists are going on “birth strike”

Mar 14, 2019, 8:46 AM EDT
(Source: https://www.dailyedge.ie)
(Source: https://www.dailyedge.ie)

Many may view it as extreme activism, but the 140 odd — and the growing members of BirthStrike, a voluntary organization in the U.K. — call their decision not to procreate in response to climate change a “radical acknowledgement.”

The individuals in the group harbor no misimpressions; they know that population reduction strategies in no way constitute an answer to a looming climate catastrophe and ecological breakdown, writes The Guardian.

As Blythe Pepino, Founder of BirthStrike, puts it, the objective of this strike is not to encourage people to stop having babies, but to communicate a message about the urgency required to deal with the climate crisis.  

Pepino minces no words as she tears into the governments for their “lawless economics and business” which, she says, are forcing the world into “committing species-wide suicide,” notes The Hill. Pepino describes this movement as “a very hopeful act,” as it politicizes the personal and could potentially be a catalyst in changing people's minds.