“Reversing time” is no more a flight of fantasy

Mar 14, 2019, 8:42 AM EDT
(Source: Drunk Photographer/flickr)
(Source: Drunk Photographer/flickr)

The films pegged in the concept of time travel seldom miss to tantalize the kid in us. After all, who doesn't wish to dash into their past and undo those mistakes and miseries? Unfortunately, that’s wishful thinking, or is it?

Now, a team of scientists at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology has defied the fundamentals of physics with an experiment that “reversed the direction of time” using a quantum computer, writes The Independent. The researchers illustrated the example with a pool game analogy.

The laws of universe are unidirectional, from the state of order to disorder, implying that a perfectly arranged triangle of pool balls can only scatter chaotically when struck, notes Phys.org. In the quantum computer experiment, the researchers created conditions that would correspond to those scattered balls rearranging themselves into a perfect triangle, as if the time is rewinding.

While the breakthrough doesn’t promise to replicate the sci-fi stuff we have grown up watching, it marks a big leap toward understanding quantum computing and the processes governing the universe.