This is how AI is hitting it off with love

Mar 12, 2019, 7:58 AM EDT
(Source: Leda Carter/flickr)
(Source: Leda Carter/flickr)

In 2019, when we are slavishly bonded to algorithms for making many of our daily decisions and choices, our love lives can’t be an exception. The penetration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the dating app technoscape offers an example of how this technology is shaking up conventions, chipping away at the visceral tendencies in the process and replacing them with strictly data-based trysts.   

A case in point is the use of AI by dating sites. Skimming through hundreds of potential dates is exhausting and, not to forget, leaves ample scope for misreading, writes Medium. The roving human eyes may miss subtle hints, such as sentiments in communication, response times, and length of profiles, but trained algorithms can’t be easily fooled, as also suggested by stats.

Sixty six percent of online daters have gone ahead with an in-person date with the match prompted by AI-powered dating sites. Also, AI programs can be hawkish on fake profiles, something that wouldn’t be easy for individuals to judge without access to certain background data.

The role of AI isn’t just restricted to an enabler in intimate relationships but beyond. The technology is narrowing the emotional gap between humans and machines, as individuals warm up to sex dolls and robots, marking the advent of a deeper societal shift, reports NPR.