Five nearly-extinct species making a comeback

Mar 11, 2019, 8:17 AM EDT
(Source: Derek Simeone/flickr)
(Source: Derek Simeone/flickr)

The sixth mass extinction is underway, and we seem to have grown more tolerant to the bleak reports of disappearing species. While the magnitude of disappearing wildlife populations strips us of any hope and positivity, random stories of resilience and resurgence in the face of wide-ranging adversities do remind us of the silver lining.

Five species, once thought to be extinct, have been sighted in recent years, after a wait or, should we say, despair of over a century, reports The Guardian. Horned marsupial frog, Fernandina Island giant tortoise, Coelacanth, New Guinea highland wild dog, and Terror skink are the rare few that may have betrayed the fate, while many other species could not.

At the same time, these comebacks fill us with a sense of skepticism over our knowledge of the world’s rarest species, notes The Conservation. Are we correctly declaring the species extinct in the first place? This is a question that begs further scrutiny.