The last tip from the man who popularized “global warming”

Mar 07, 2019, 6:57 AM EST
The late "grandfather" of climate science, Wallace Smith Broecker.

Wallace Smith Broecker is no more with us but his legacy lives on. Hailed as the “grandfather” of climate science, Broecker made “global warming” a catchphrase with his 1975 article and the same zest to address climate issues kept him going until his final breath last month.

Broecker’s sickness may have kept him from attending the Planetary Management Symposium on Climate Engineering at Arizona State University a week before his demise but couldn’t prevent his participation.

He joined the group of 40 researchers via livestream broadcast and urged the scientists to turn focus on “geoengineering,” “the sulfur solution,” “solar radiation management,” and the “Pinatubo Strategy,” to deal with global warning, notes Green Matters.

It would not be an exaggeration to call Broecker a climate clairvoyant, who could predict the trajectory of global warming at a time when there were few takers and appreciators of his climate assessments and warnings. Broecker once said, “We’re playing with an angry beast – a climate system that has been shown to be very sensitive,” reports The Guardian.