What’s the carbon footprint of your travel? This app knows

Mar 05, 2019, 7:47 AM EST
(Source: abnederveld/flickr)
(Source: abnederveld/flickr)

Lamenting the laid-back approach of the governments over carbon emissions isn’t enough. The society, down to the very individuals, could be a vector of change with small, meaningful efforts. That’s the idea behind “Mission Emission” by Oblik Studio.

This “emission-free travel calculator” tracks the carbon emissions of a vehicle as it shuttles from one place to another, also suggesting more sustainable traveling options, notes Inhabitat. The app also informs you about how long a tree would take to soak up the carbon dioxide released by your trip.

The “Mission Emission calculator” has already gained traction in Germany and other Scandinavian countries and could be a no-fuss, interactive means to engage common people and raise awareness about environmental pollution, emissions and climate change, reports Novinite.com.