The foul figures about New Zealand’s rivers

Mar 05, 2019, 7:34 AM EST
(Source: Jon Sullivan/flickr)
(Source: Jon Sullivan/flickr)

New Zealanders are not as worried about inflation, housing crisis or child poverty as they frown over the fouled rivers. Government apathy towards chronic water pollution hasn’t helped in pacifying a growing discontent and anguish either.

A recent poll mirrors this sentiment, as 82 percent of the respondents identified waterway pollution as their top concern, urging tougher protections for rivers, lakes and streams, writes The Guardian.

With nearly two-thirds of the rivers in New Zealand now unswimmable and too hostile for the survival of three-quarters native freshwater fish species, Kiwis feel as if they have been robbed off their birthright to swim, fish and game.

A booming dairy industry, agricultural run-off, mass deforestation and extensive clearing of native wetlands have been the major contributors to water pollution. Fish & Game New Zealand chief executive Martin Taylor says that the findings of the polls indicate the urgency with which the government should approach this endemic, notes Fish & Game.