Selfie Harm: Why teens are distorting self-image

Feb 19, 2019, 7:05 AM EST

“Selfie Harm,” a series photographed by John Rankin Waddell, illustrates how teenagers, overwhelmed with their infatuation for their idols, are distorting their own images, by way of social media filters, just to be more likeable to the world.

The photographer asked teens aged 13 to 19 to retouch their images using selfie apps, and found they were making their eyes bigger, tone fairer, nose smaller and more for the sake of social media likes, reports Engadget.

It would be easy to shoot the messenger and pin the blame on platforms or stages such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but the real culprit or the victim are the users, the performers complicit in their “harm,” notes Design Boom.

The fetish to imitate the looks of celebrities on social media is degrading for one’s self-image and the implications find vent in the form of FOMO, sadness, increased anxiety, and snapchat dysmorphia.