Australia: A foreign power carried out cyber attack

Feb 18, 2019, 5:02 AM EST
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison stopped short of naming the suspects.
(Source: Rob Keating/flickr)

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison blamed “a sophisticated state actor” for a cyberattack that hit the networks of the country’s major political parties and parliament but stopped short of giving a name.

Australian lawmakers were instructed to reset their passwords after intelligence agencies detected malicious activity on the national parliament’s computer network, writes Reuters.

Analysts suspect the breach could have been carried out by China, Russia or Iran in quest for “juicy political gossip” as Australia heads into the elections in May, although Morrison ruled out any election interference.

The cyberattack has sparked concerns that foreign interests could be at work, attempting to tip the upcoming elections on one or the other side or trying sabotage the tenor of the debate, notes RTE.