Environment is better off without plastics ban: BP

Feb 18, 2019, 1:37 AM EST
(Source: Michael Kowalczyk/flickr)
(Source: Michael Kowalczyk/flickr)

The 2019 BP Energy Outlook claims that a global ban on single-use plastics by 2040 could backfire because a shift to the alternatives would involve relatively much higher energy expenditure and carbon emissions.

The argument coming from one of the world's biggest oil companies that rakes in billions selling ingredients for plastics could be easily dismissed but the math behind the claim is worth a look.

The report argues that swapping plastics, say with glass, would result in nearly 80% more energy being spent in manufacturing one bottle, writes Energy Reporters. Besides, heavier materials would require more energy for transportation, eventually bloating the global energy use at the cost of the environment.

BP’s report echoes the findings of a recent study at Heriot-Watt University, which stated that a sweeping ban on plastics could drive up emissions, but anti-plastics campaigners aren’t throwing the towel. They peg their counter argument on the fact that alternatives, such as glass bottles, are infinitely recyclable and can be used dozens of times unlike plastics, reports the BBC.