A city is turning garbage sites into "art galleries"

Feb 14, 2019, 7:26 AM EST
(Source: http://www.ctlcamden.com)
(Source: http://www.ctlcamden.com)

The illegal dumping sites running parallel to Camden’s public transit routes are an eyesore. The city in New Jersey now plans to turn these garbage sites into art spaces via an initiative called, A New View.

Ironically, the filth lining Camden’s public transportation corridor is a legacy of its glorious past as an industrial hub. Over time, the vacant lots have transformed into convenient dumping sites for locals, businesses and industries, but things are beginning to change, writes Mother Nature Network.

Camden has succeeded in reining in its notoriously high crime rates, boosted its food production, strengthening its healthcare and education infrastructure. The push to beautify the scrappy sites aligns with the city’s pursuit to rediscover itself and engage its population as well as visitors with its riverfronts by harnessing the power of public art, reports Forbes.

The initiative will receive $1 million in funding from Bloomberg Philanthropies, which has been encouraging and supporting cities in employing temporary public art projects since 2014.