How climate change will transform cities by 2080

Feb 14, 2019, 7:15 AM EST
(Source: Tony Hisgett/flickr)
(Source: Tony Hisgett/flickr)

Climate change is largely a faceless entity for a large section of population. Average sea surface temperatures are rising, Antarctica’s ice sheets are receding, the world’s “third pole” Himalayas could be stripped of glaciers by 2100 and Bangladesh’s coastal communities are forced to migrate as sea waters flood their fields and dwellings.

As troubling as these spectacles might be, they are highly dispersed, subtle and ongoing, and hence, ironically do not form a convincing, explicit picture of climate change, many would want to see to be really jolted.

Scientists have long struggled over how to explain an abstract phenomenon of climate change to people. Now, they have come up with a new tool, an interactive map that shows how 540 cities across America will be transformed by climate change by 2080, notes Wired.

The study, for example, shows that the climate in San Francisco in 2080 could change to resemble that of current Los Angeles – an analogy that’s easier for people to understand and relate with and hence, more potent in raising the alarm about climate change, reports Earther.