Report: World entering a “new domain of risk”

Feb 12, 2019, 7:38 AM EST
(Source: jonathanvlarocca/flickr)
(Source: jonathanvlarocca/flickr)

A report from the Institute for Public Policy Research warns that the planet is sliding into a “new complex and destabilized domain of risk” as the cumulative effects of global warming, soil infertility, pollinator loss, chemical leaching and ocean acidification build up.

These threats to climate, nature and economy could result in a breakdown of key social and economic systems, at local levels and possibly at global scale, unleashing a systemic collapse to the tunes of the 2008 financial crisis, writes The Guardian.

The report pins the blame on politicians and policymakers for failing to sense the seriousness of the multiple environmental crises, growing in tandem at speeds “unprecedented in human history,” reports the BBC.

With a warning that the time to respond is quickly running out, the report recommends three shifts in political understanding, namely a better assessment of the scale and pace of environmental breakdown, its interaction with societies and the subsequent need for transformative change.