A watershed moment for green lobby in Australia

Feb 12, 2019, 2:57 AM EST
(Source: Takver/flickr)
(Source: Takver/flickr)

In what could be termed as a watershed moment for anti-mining campaigners, a court in Australia has barred developers from establishing a coal mine near the town of Gloucester in New South Wales state, citing its adverse impact on the environment along with other social and economic implications.

The verdict marks the first time a coalmine project has been turned down in Australia over climate change concerns and couldn’t have come at a more relatable time as the country grapples with baking summers and heatwaves in large swathes, raging wildfires in about 3% of Tasmania and an unprecedented downpour and flooding in northern Queensland, reports Nature.

The ruling comes as a major shot in the arm for green lobby in Australia, which has so far been let down by the country’s weak-kneed approach to climate change and global warming. Last year, coal supporters in Australia killed the plans for a national energy policy that would have cut down carbon emissions and power prices, writes Reuters.