Climate change: Will Pope Francis go vegan?

Feb 11, 2019, 7:24 AM EST
(Source: Aleteia Image Department/flickr)
(Source: Aleteia Image Department/flickr)

Genesis Butler, a 12-year-old activist from Long Beach, California, in a YouTube video offers to donate $1 million in charity if Pope Francis goes vegan for Lent, a deed, which she says, would send out an inspiring message and “help fight climate change with diet change.”

In an open letter to the pontiff, the young activist borrows his own words from his “2015 environmental encyclical, Laudato Si': On the Care for Our Common Home,” reminding His Holiness of how he urged the world to make changes in lifestyle, production, and consumption to combat climate change, writes Eco Watch.

Million Dollar Vegan CEO Matthew Glover says that the “audacious” campaign is a response to the world leaders’ dilly-dallying on climate change and would build pressure to acknowledge the harms inflicted on the planet by animal agriculture, notes Metro.