Tragic: Just one elephant left in the Knysna forest

Feb 08, 2019, 7:05 AM EST
(Source: chris benten/flickr)
(Source: chris benten/flickr)

Could you imagine the plight of the 45-year-old female elephant forced to wander the trails of her past, solitary and aloof, with no other individual of the species alive and around?

That’s not a poignant folklore but the tragic reality unfolding in the Knysna forest in South Africa, where habitat destruction and encroachment have razed entire generations of tuskers and what remains is the last of them, brooding and awaiting the inevitable.

A shocking 15-month study in the Knysna forest, which once had thousands of elephants roaming in herds, says that the region has now just one elephant left, a female with no physical injuries but evidently inflicted by stress, writes Eco Watch.

The lone elephant is an emotionally disturbing and draining sight and prompts a range of piercing questions from whether she could be moved to any other forest with other populations to how brutal we have been in treating the biodiversity around us, notes Business Day.