Valentine’s Day isn’t that rosy for the environment

Feb 08, 2019, 1:55 AM EST
(Source: Global Panorama/flickr)
(Source: Global Panorama/flickr)

The second week of February is upon us. Air is soaked in romance. Many of us are busy planning the gifts for Valentine’s Day. Flowers, chocolates, cards, jewelry and more, worth billions of dollars will change hands, but at a cost to the environment.

Evidently all is not fair in love and war, when epic amount of waste is generated on a single day. The story is no different in case of flowers, which are pesticide-intensive and unfortunately, the impacts of chemicals don’t wither away, either from the land where they are grown or from the lives of the people who cultivate them, notes ResearchGate.

Being environmentally conscious on February 14 doesn’t mean you have to subdue your feelings for your Valentine. Small gestures of environmentalism will do no harm. For example, if you can’t resist sending a card to your beloved, choose one that’s made from recycled paper, writes Grok Nation.