Climate change will turn oceans bluer & greener

Feb 05, 2019, 2:26 AM EST
(Source: Giuseppe Milo/flickr)
(Source: Giuseppe Milo/flickr)

A study published in the journal “Nature Communications” claims that climate change will make the blues of our oceans bluer and the greens greener by the end of the century, a shift caused by the changing concentration of phytoplankton in waters, which in turn can be attributed to global warming.

The change in color cannot be dismissed as a superficial phenomenon as it forewarns of how climate change will interact and interfere with marine ecosystems, disrupting complex food webs that are closely intertwined and dependent on phytoplankton, notes CNN.

Stephanie Dutkiewicz, the study's lead author, says that the impact of changing phytoplankton concentration will propagate through entire food web, as everything in the ocean directly or indirectly requires this microorganism to exist, reports National Geographic.

The projections are based on the assumption that the world would be warmer by three degrees Celsius by 2100. The change of color can be averted if radical measures are taken to bridle greenhouse gas emissions.