Hollywood tells only one story on climate change

Feb 04, 2019, 7:29 AM EST
(Source: ZeroOne/flickr)
(Source: ZeroOne/flickr)

Not that the onus of communicating the right message about climate change lies on Hollywood, but when it does pick a related theme, the story ought to break away from the conventional approach that crams two hours only with sequences culminating into an apocalypse.

Hollywood hasn’t been too generous in theming its movies on climate change, and on rare occasions when it did, the audiences walk back with one story – the irreversible, inevitable wrath of nature taking vengeance on humans, writes Scientific American.

This worn out story line, despite its potency in evoking fear, doesn’t help in driving sensible talks about policy. In portraying “climate change is a disaster,” Hollywood falters miserably, missing out on the more “compelling and realistic” stories about people trying to navigate circumstances in a changing climate.