Algorithm generated portraits take a swipe at modern man

Feb 01, 2019, 7:09 AM EST

Sergio Albiac, who has a fetish for creating portraiture and visual arts with computer coded algorithms, is presenting his latest series, entitled “You have learnt nothing,” exploring how the “Dutch oil masterpieces” would view the technological advances of modern man.

Albiac’s iterative Dutch oil paintings, a work of generative algorithmic script, portray the queens and noblemen of the past, with grotesque faces that appear to scoff at the modern man’s ability to repeat mistakes, writes Design Boom.

In a videoart format, accompanied by a background score, these portraits praise the scientific and technological prowess of our modern society, notes Sergio Albiac. The artwork was created by custom “Generative Adversarial Network,” which comprises of two AI algorithms – one of them generating the replica of the fed images and the other giving feedback to the generator repeatedly until the output bears close resemblance with the input.