China won’t let off officials missing on air quality goals

Jan 22, 2019, 7:24 AM EST
(Source: erhard.renz/flickr)
(Source: erhard.renz/flickr)

China is cracking the whip on the officials entrusted with the task of reining in air pollution. The reports emerging from the Asian country claim that Beijing plans to “punish” the officials who miss out on hitting air quality goals.

China ramped up its environmental efforts after images of its cities obscured in thick, grey smog garnered the world’s attention five years ago, writes Futurism. The country has since launched an ambitious program to cut down a dangerous pollution-linked particulate matter in 338 countries.

Liu Bingjiang, head of the atmospheric environment department of China's environment ministry, said that the government wouldn’t except the excuse of “unfavorable weather conditions” or “economic hurdles” if the officials falter, notes Business Standard. Historically, China has resorted to a tactic of publicly naming and shaming the local bureaucrats if they miss pollution goals.