Digisexuals: Being head over heels in love with robots

Jan 21, 2019, 7:14 AM EST

The fabled Greek myth of Pygmalion, the sculptor who carved the most beautiful woman out of ivory and then fell in love with her, has a fascinating parallel in today’s tech-dominated world.

We know that Pygmalion’s love for the flawless inanimate stemmed from his disillusionment with the women around him, an emotion shared by many of the “digisexuals” – the term for people with romantic inclination towards robots and artificial intelligence.

“Digisexuality” isn’t a flight of fancy from an author’s pen but a concept catching up, as can be seen in examples of a Chinese engineer marrying a robot wife and a French woman betrothing a 3D-printed robot she had designed, notes Futurism.

In the era when the world is beginning to accept diverse sexual identities such as gay, tans, bisexuals and others, “digisexuals” are an emergent new group, writes The New York Times. Philosophers divide the advance of digisexuality in two stages.  

The “first wave” is the stage in which online pornography, hookup apps, sexting and electronic sex toys were vectors of sexual fulfillment for individuals while the “second wave” involves virtual reality, augmented reality and A.I.-equipped sex robots, the immersive technologies that nearly replace a human companion altogether.