Uproar after report claims Trump told Cohen to lie

Jan 18, 2019, 6:29 AM EST
Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen had lied to Congress about plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.
(Source: Cryptocurrency News/flickr)

A Buzzfeed report, claiming that U.S. President Donald Trump directed his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, kicked off a political firestorm with Democratic leaders pressing for a thorough investigation.

Highlighting the serious nature of the new allegations against the president, Adam Schiff, chairman of the intelligence committee of the House of Representatives, said the body will probe the matter to unearth the truth, writes the BBC.

If the allegations are found to be true, it would be the strongest evidence of attempted obstruction of justice by the president, notes Vox. Trump has been accused of trying to thwart the Russia probe by arm twisting the Justice Department and firing the FBI director, but the latest insinuations if proved would be clear-cut, hard evidence.