The obscure link between plastic & on the go lifestyle

Dec 20, 2018, 7:14 AM EST
(Source: Lali Masriera/flickr)
(Source: Lali Masriera/flickr)

In 2018, the bans on individual plastic products were frequent tenants of the headlines. Supermarkets did it, tiny stores followed the suit, nations threw their weight behind the idea and even group of nations from the EU joined the bandwagon.

Undoubtedly, the exercise to rid the world of single-use plastics is driven by noble intentions but as Ilana Strauss from Tree Hugger points out, we may be missing the obscure link between our on the go lifestyle and runaway plastic consumption.

She narrates how a coffee cup and food items in disposable plastic packaging transit with her as she shuttles between places for work. It’s this frantic pace of our lives that makes plastics all the more indispensable, and that’s what begs a change.

There’s a better approach to sustainability than banning or “giving up” things. We need a societal shift, whereby we take joy in sitting and having our food, instead of running with plastics in hands, stealing minutes during road trips.