AI growth trajectory in nine charts & pure stats

Dec 13, 2018, 6:57 AM EST
(Source: Gerd Leonhard/flickr)
(Source: Gerd Leonhard/flickr)

The advances in the field of artificial intelligence are so obscured in the hype that the real growth gets hard to measure. A team of AI policy researchers, from MIT, Stanford, and Harvard, closely examined hiring and investment trends and parsed a wide range of papers and patents in AI to churn out nine charts that narrate the precise story of where the technology stands and where it could be headed.

The data suggests that AI is being commercialized at a frenetic pace, with AI startups constituting a major chunk of a total number of new startups being set up while also snagging a remarkable size of funding, notes MIT Technology Review.

The AI rivalry between the U.S. and China hogs all the headlines but Europe can’t be overlooked, which means “three centers of power are emerging.” The AI industry is male-dominated and the one that’s increasingly finding mentions is in the political circles.

A separate report by AI Index says that academia carries out more than 87% of the world’s AI research, a trend that’s beginning to shift as Chinese government throws its weight behind the technology advancement, publishing 400% more state-affiliated research papers in 2017 compared to 2007, reports Quartz.