Resonance theory of consciousness ties everything to vibes

Dec 12, 2018, 7:04 AM EST
(Source: Manuel Paul/flickr)
(Source: Manuel Paul/flickr)

Lawyer and philosopher Tam Hunt and his colleague, psychologist Jonathan Schooler, at the University of California at Santa Barbara, are proposing a new theory of consciousness, unpicking the layers of the elusive “hard problem.”

Hunt and Schooler extrapolate the well-established notion that every physical object is in a constant state of vibration, to suggest that greater the synchronization or resonance of our vibes with our surrounding environment, the higher is the level of consciousness, notes Scientific American.

The duo cites a number of examples to back their resonance theory of consciousness, including the sense of self, referred as perception by Hunt, which arises as billions of neurons fire in sync to make a decision and form an experience, reports Quartz.

Hunt articulates that even a tiny speck of dust, inanimate as it may be, interacts with the world via vibrations, thus displaying “micro-consciousness,” which isn’t as sophisticated as that in humans.