The surprising link between uterus, memory & cognition

Dec 12, 2018, 6:54 AM EST
(Source: Hey Paul Studios/flickr)
(Source: Hey Paul Studios/flickr)

Until now, the uterus has been considered a vestigial part except when in pregnancy phase, but a team of researchers at Arizona State University has demonstrated a surprising link between uterus and working memory.

In an experiment, the researchers found that the group of rats, which had their uterus removed, couldn’t match the performance of those with their uterus intact and other control groups in memory tests, notes IFL Science.

The interaction of uterus with the body and its possible other functions other than in pregnancy have largely remained an untouched subject in medical science, something the researchers believe could change after these findings, reports Discover Magazine.

Although the results derived from a rat experiment may not necessarily apply to humans, the findings nudge the research community to dig deep into the probable intersection of uterus and cognition.