Macron caves in to "Yellow Vest;" promises wage rise

Dec 11, 2018, 4:58 AM EST
(Source: Guilhem Vellut/flickr)
(Source: Guilhem Vellut/flickr)

Under pressure from growing public anger and civil protests over fuel tax rises, living costs and other issues, French President Emmanuel Macron addressed the country on primetime television on Monday and promised a rise in minimum wage to pacify the “yellow vests.”

Macron admitted that protesters’ anger was “deep and in many ways legitimate” and that he failed to provide prompt solutions to public woes since his election, notes The Guardian. Macron stressed the importance of “dialogue, respect, and engagement,” as he attempted to convince the protesters to shun violence.

Macron realized that hollow speeches would be little fruitful to calm down the “yellow vests,” who have been on the streets for tangible changes, immediate measures and “banknotes in their pockets,” writes the BBC. The emergency measures, including wage rise and other tax concessions, announced by Macron are estimated to cost the exchequer somewhere between €8bn and €10bn.