What 2019 has in store for artificial intelligence

Dec 06, 2018, 8:22 AM EST
(Source: Web Summit/flickr)
(Source: Web Summit/flickr)

Artificial Intelligence has been the buzzword of 2018; its diffusion from research laboratories into our businesses, healthcare, online commerce, smartphones and appliances was subtle yet excitingly noticeable, for it introduced the world of undreamt possibilities in future.

While 2019 may not be the culmination point to many of the promises that the technology offers but the new year could bring about evident changes to the ecosystem that fuels the growth and defines the trajectory and penetration of artificial intelligence.

According to Forbes, AI could be one of the focal points of international politics in 2019, as world powers try to become self-reliant in fostering the technology. As AI is deployed to deal with huge amounts of data, the tech companies will be required to make the technology more transparent for the wider society.

IT leaders will take the initiative of training internal teams for AI skills instead of passively waiting for talent pipeline to fill up, notes The Enterprisers Project.