How Google attempts to rid AI of cultural bias

Dec 05, 2018, 6:59 AM EST
(Source: Joshua Morley/flickr)
(Source: Joshua Morley/flickr)

Artificial intelligence, a product of the human mind, inherits our biases, and that’s a major issue. For lack of diversity in datasets and other algorithmic limitations, AI displays an unfortunate lack of cultural awareness, for instance, it can correctly identify women in flowing white dresses as “brides” but falters when wedding dresses change across cultures.

To rid the technology of this aberrant behavior, Google launched a contest, called the Inclusive Images Competition, challenging coders to develop data sets and algorithms that can help AI identify more diverse people and customs, reports Futurism.

Of the submissions from more than 200 participants, only one of the top five could recognize an Indian bride but the whole exercise constitutes a meaningful effort toward developing more inclusive systems, notes MIT Technology Review.