Here’s Elowan: A hybrid between plant and robot

Dec 04, 2018, 6:52 AM EST

The natural course of evolution has never been human-centric but holistic; the entire nature responds to evolutionary patterns. That’s the fundamental idea behind Elowan, a hybrid between a plant and a robot, which attempts to explore a future where human cyborgs coexist with augmented plants.

MIT Media Lab’s Elowan features a plant mounted on a robotic base with wheels and a system of electrodes, which detect the electrochemical signals released by the plant and drive it toward light, notes Futurism.

Elowan’s creator, Sareen Harpreet, describes the plant-robot as a probe into what augmentation of nature could mean, reports Tree Hugger. Elowan makes a case for leveraging the natural capabilities of plants to create hybrids with our digital worlds instead of developing entire discrete systems.