Half of G20 states could miss 2030 climate goals

Nov 28, 2018, 7:11 AM EST
(Source: Erland Howden/flickr)
(Source: Erland Howden/flickr)

Right after a disquieting IPCC report on climate change a few weeks back, Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison boasted that the country is set to meet its target “in a canter.” A new report by the U.N. exposes the hollowness of this claim, warning that half of the G20 nations are not on track to hit their Paris carbon emissions reduction targets by 2030.

The 2018 Emissions Gap Report finds Australia guilty of passive, lethargic climate action, which threatens to keep its emissions in 2030 at levels much higher than committed at the climate conference in 2015, the first-ever legally binding global climate deal, writes ABC News.

The report found that the annual global emissions have hit a historic high of 53.5 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide and could breach 59 gigatonnes mark by 2030, well exceeding the Paris agreement target of 56 gigatonnes by then, notes The Guardian.