Tensions run high as Moscow seizes three Ukrainian ships

Nov 26, 2018, 3:03 AM EST
Off late, Russia has been inspecting all Ukrainian ships passing through the Kerch Strait.
(Source: Алексей М/flickr)

A car outside the Russian embassy in Kiev was torched by angry protesters after Russia fired on and seized three Ukrainian naval ships off the coast of Crimea on Sunday, stirring up tensions between the two countries.

Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko, who condemned Russia’s “unprovoked and crazy,” action, has proposed imposing martial law, which could be brought in after the parliament’s approval, notes the BBC.

Ukraine, which accuses Moscow of fomenting insurgency in its eastern parts, could be headed towards a wider conflict with Russia, seen as a hegemonistic force in the region after its annexation of Crimea in 2014, reports Reuters.

The U.N. Security Council is holding an emergency meeting on the crisis while the European Union has urged both the sides to exercise restraint and restore freedom of passage for vessels via the Kerch Strait, where the encounter took place.