Spain’s tact against dirty coal is exemplary!

Nov 06, 2018, 3:10 AM EST
(Source: Jennifer Woodard Maderazo/flickr)
(Source: Jennifer Woodard Maderazo/flickr)

Spain is set to shut down nearly all its coal mines by the end of this year, but the miners hold no grudge against the move. The recipe to this amicable agreement between the two sides is a €250m deal, which will see the government route funds to the mining regions, helping the affected miners to actively participate and benefit from transitioning into new jobs in renewables and environmental restoration.

The deal, which includes “Just Transition” contracts, offers an exemplary model for the rest of the world, for it shows that environmental protection need not cost jobs and that the two can coexist,  notes The Guardian.

Agreements on similar lines would be a much-needed escape for mining communities especially at a time when the aging coal industry is crippling under tough competition from cheaper renewables and natural gas, reports Tree Hugger.